Monday, March 10, 2014

Gold and Glitters for Flowers

On Valentine's Day, my Hubby came home with some pretty flowers.  Unfortunately, I never had a nice enough vase to put flowers in, so I finally decided to do something about it.

There was this old vase I had kept from an old neighbor. It wasn't so pretty and scratched in several places, but it was made out of white glass and I liked the long shape...

Time for an upgrade ~ DIY project!!

1. Cover the areas to keep white with painters tape.

2. Spray paint!!!

3. Carefully, gently remove the tape.

And a little glitter was totally needed of course!!

Minou seemed to like these!  The problem is... can't really leave the flowers out too much, or both of the cats will eat them :(

Another perfect way to fulfill my latest gold obsession!
I love my new vase!!!  So much that I kept starring at it for hours that night.

What's your latest DIY obsession?

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