Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Washi Tape Labels to Organize my File Box

Washi Tape

I've been seeing a lot of washi tape project lately on the www world, and I just couldn't wait any longer.  I had to get me some washi tape and prettify some stuff!!
Today I went shopping...  Tape shopping that is!

Washi Tape
Aren't they so pretty?!

When I got home, of course I had my first project in mind... 

Beautifying my File Box

 All it took was a little piece of washi tape and a label ~made with my trusty labeler~.

A little re-organization and...  Tada!!
Now, I really want to open this box and file some more!


See, organizing can even look pretty!


  1. Cute !!! :)
    C'est un peu nul car on n'a pas de washi tape ici! Enfin.. J'en ai jamais vu! :( Vive la France, hein :)

  2. Organizing can definitely look pretty! You're right about this, Sandie! While some people see this task as tiring, you clearly showed here how incorporating some of your artistic side into it can make the job fun. You can also use folders and/or binders of different colors and designs to add to the aesthetic appeal of your house. Good job!
    Ruby @ Williams Data Management



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