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I will be more than happy to read and answer you, whatever you would like to talk about!

Hearing from my readers means the world to me!  Really.  Knowing that you are on the other side of this screen encourages me and gives me the power to write and share the little things that are so dear to me.  Without you, there would not be a "Life in Positudiness"...
So, thank you so very much for reading and supporting me!

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  1. oh la pauvre Lily , elle a du vraiment être impressionnée ! ça lui change des écureuils qui venaient jusqu'à votre balcon en Floride ...mais oui quel spectacle !et c'était rien que vous ! un signe...
    et moi j'aurai appris un mot : to bark...

  2. Sandy, the blog is great! Keep it up! I may have to try that breakfast sandwich; it looks delicious! Hope to see you soon.

    <3 Jessica Sacco



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