Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A whole lot of nothing

I got nothing for you today on Life In Positudiness ...
Because, This is how my day went: 
10am - going to my gym which I just joined to take my very 1st class "dance it off": so pumped!
10:30 - class starts! so happy to be here, this is great! I'm finally working out and doing something for myself!! YEAH!
11:00 - sweating, working my butt off and loving it! Woohoo, you go girl!
11:13 - last combination, reminds me of my dance classes: I'm kicking my left leg front and back while jumping on the right leg, now we are turning to do it on the other side. And front and jump and .... My toes kissed the floor and before I could even be aware of what was happening... Bam!! My butt hits the ground.

Well... that's quite embarrassing for a first time in this building, but hey, I'll get back on my feet and be like "Tada! It's all good, I'm a clumsy dancer, no worries, it always happens when I take risks!" ... Yeah, after all, I am that bride that was having a dance off with her brother-in-law at her wedding and completely slipped to the ground! ~Good times, good times!! One day I think I'll send the video to America's Funniest Videos!~
So, in preparation to standing up, I bring my left leg towards me, and that's when I realized I wasn't gonna get up! 

First time joining a gym, first "dance it off" class, and ... Out for a week!!! 
Well, the good thing is, I sprained my ankle during the last combination, so I did get to have a full workout before that! Haha! 
And... at least I'm famous now!! The ladies were so helpful and extremely nice! All coming up to me and asking me if I needed anything, wanting to drive me home, get me some water! Although i was in a lot of pain, it wasn't a bad experience at all!
I did join this gym in hopes to meeting new people, so that's a good way to do it, isn't it?!

Anyways, all this to say that this is what the rest of my day looked like...


And therefore, I wasn't able to do the projects I had planned for today ~organize my pantry, paint a shelf...~, so I really didn't have anything good to share with you! 

The rest of this week is going to be a lot of resting this foot and hopefully heel it quickly ~when I twisted this same ankle about 10 years ago, I stupidly didn't take good care of it, and I still feel it when I do ballet... Ankles injuries stink...~

Hope I can get things done around the house very soon and have some better things to write!
Until then, 

Take care of your bodies ...
... for a Life in Positudiness !!


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