Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DIY Storage Box ~ Lonely Shoe Boxes Find New Purpose

Instead of throwing out shoe boxes, you could reuse them and make pretty storage boxes out of them.  
We'll always need a specific place to put special items!

All you need is a shoe box, wrapping paper and glue.

I used two different papers. One for the outside and one for the inside. I think it's a nice surprise to open the box and see another something pretty. :)

First, measure each side of the inside of the box, cut and glue them one at a time.
Lily always finds a way to help me!
Then, measure and cut the paper for the outside.
When you get to the lid, I found it easier to do it all at once.  I measured a large piece that would perfectly cover the lid as well as the sides inside it.

Right now, it is the perfect place for some wedding pictures and thank you cards!

It's a pretty organizing tool that I can allow myself to keep in the dining room.

What's something you own which makes organizing also a decorating statement?

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