Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chevron Design Clipboard ~ Tutorial and a Free Template!!

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Yesterday, I shared with you how to make a two-colored striped clipboard.
Today, let's explore how to make a trendy chevron one!  And if you're good, I'll even give you a Chevron template to make your own stencil for this project!! ;)

1. Clean the clipboard off of any dust particles.

2. Tie the clip open with some ribbon ~or anything else~ to make sure this will stay in place during your project and will not damage the fresh paint.

3. Paint the entire clipboard with the base color of your choice.  I chose light blue!

4. Plan how your chevron design will best fit on your clipboard. 

For this, I used a 8.5x11 sheet of paper which I lay down on the board and traced the chevron lines, but for easier and quicker results ...

**... here is my chevron pattern for your own use! Just click on these picture and save.  
It will print as a 8.5x11 picture.**

To create the chevron pattern on the clipboard, I only use the 2nd template ~the small version, which is one section of the design~.  
I found it easier to work with a smaller stencil and work my way up the board.
5.  Print the template out.

6.  Cut out the parts you don't want to use.  For same look as mine, cut out the thinner part as this is the line you will need to paint in a different color.

**If you would like to make a reusable stencil, I have a tutorial over here!**

7.  Trace all the lines with a pencil.

8.  Paint the chevron lines with the color of your choice!

9. Repeat step 8 until you get the desired color shade for your lines.  ~My gray needed four layers to really stand out~.

Here is the finished product!

Would you rather have a Plain clipboard or a Chevron clipboard?

Doesn't painting clipboard look so much fun?!
It is something so simple to do that will make you smile every time you use the board!

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