Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Making a Box

I needed a box for some baking supplies.  I wanted a pretty one and one that fit perfectly in the cabinet it was going to go into.  I looked around, but no luck.  None of the boxes I owned could fit in the cabinet.  So I had to find a cardboard box, and I got this one ~perfect size!~.  I decided to transform it into a pretty baking supplies box!


- A cardboard box
- A pair of scissors ~or box cutter~
- Some shelf liner ~the sticky kind is the best~
- Some packaging tape ~its width is great for this project~

{make sure to click the "Read More" button under the picture for more detail}

First, I cut the top off of it.

The cut was not so great and the cardboard was somehow separating, so I had to tape the edges of my new box.  ~Forgive the quality of the picture, but look at how messy this edge was! ;)!
I used some packaging tape because it was wide enough to reach both sides of the box and neatly cover the part where the cardboard was separating.

Here is the new box, all taped up and ready to be... prettified! :)

For the next step, I used this flowery shelf liner and a pair of scissors.  

Measure your box to see how much paper you'll need, and then measure and cut your paper.  You'll need to have a bit more paper than the outside length of the box itself to be able to tuck some of the liner inside the box ~such as on the picture below~.
Start with one side of the box, peel off the sticky liner and apply to the box.   Align properly.

Take your time doing this first part, it's the most important one.  After that, it should go smoothly.  Make sure to glue the paper slowly and to flatten it as you go so no bubbles will form.
**Optional: Just to secure the liner inside the box, I added some tape on the borders all around.  Now I am sure that the liner will not peel off!

I also taped the bottom of the box so that if anything I put in it licks or creates any kind of mess, it would be easy to clean off!

Here is my finished box!  Pretty! 

And here SHE is in my baking pantry with my baking supplies!
Love it!

Nice organizational and pretty tool, isn't it?!

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