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My Organized Nook day ~ Anna from My Bathrooms Blog

Guys... I seriously need your help to keep track of the little projects I do and keep myself accountable!!  I start so many things and too often don't finish them...  :(
So, I'm going to try something new.  Every Monday, I will blog about organization projects, that I'll call "My Organized Nook day", or ... you guessed it MONday!!!

Are you ready? Can you help me stay on track?

**Writing for you guys is helping me keep myself accountable, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who needs a little push. So, I will help you too!

At the end of the week, I will host a Link Party for all of you to link your posts about what you have been up to, any projects you started, have finally finished, all the things that inspire you, and anything you want to share. So bloggers and Instagramers, open up your calendars and write this in: Sunday, June 15th and until Saturday, June 21st, you are invited to a "See U Now day" event!!**

To start up this new series of My Organized Nook day (or MONday), I have great info for inspiration.  My very special guest, Anna from My Bathrooms Blog, will share 6 ways to make your bathroom better organized, better looking and overall a more pleasant room to spend time in.


Hello everyone! Are you looking for ideas to revamp your bathrooms! Come join me, Anna from My Bathrooms blog where talk about bathroom dÈcor and organizing! You may follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus
Revamp Your Bathroom in 6 Easy Steps

Bathrooms are the rooms which suffer the heaviest usage of the entire home, with every member of the family or visitor needing to use the facilities every few hours. Therefore, it is not long before even the hardiest dÈcor needs touching up ñ or even revamping entirely. What follows are six quick and easy ways to brighten and refresh your bathroom.

   1.   Hang a Chandelier!
Some people think that bathroom lighting has to be, like the room itself, hardwearing and functional ñ this is not entirely true! You must have good lighting in a bathroom, in order for bathroom users to see their appearances clearly as well as to display the bathroom dÈcor in its best light.

   2.   Luxury Linens
Invest in some good quality hand and bath towels. While these serve a very practical purpose, the quality of the fabric will also make a quiet dÈcor statement at the same time. Experiment a little and you are sure to find that poor, cheap toweling gives your bathroom a scruffy and unappealing air, while thick, soft products add an air of invite and deep comfort ñ a quick and simple way to enhance the ambiance of your bathroom, while increasing your own bathing pleasure: a double win!

   3.   Storage
Almost every bathroom renovation or redecoration article will mention the importance of having enough storage and for good reason! Bathrooms lacking in storage cannot possibly look welcoming and attractive, with piles of spare towels balanced atop boxes of necessary bathroom supplies, especially if you bulk buy things like toilet rolls and shampoo. Really study your bathroom and actively look for the wasted space into which you can fit a cunning little cabinet or sneaky shelf. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much clutter can be sorted out with even relatively small amounts of storage.

   4.   Add in Art
Do not write off the thought of wall art for the bathroom. While it is certainly not a suitable environment for genuine oil paintings and expensive water colors, even the humble bathroom deserves a little something to elevate from the realm of the purely practical and functional! Hang large and beautiful prints, small home-made family portraits or even large wall decals to add some instant pizzazz to your bathroom.

   5.   Hardware Upgrade
Replace old-fashioned and tired looking drawer handles and towel racks with modern sleek fittings to give your bathroom an instant boost of fresh modernity. (Be sure to hold onto the old fittings, restorers and builders will sometimes pay good money for sturdy old fittings, especially if they are ëdoing upí old houses!)

   6.   Accessories and Finishing Touches
Accessories are cheap and plentiful, but spend some time and money getting the perfect finishing touches for your bathroom. While the wrong accessories can ruin your dÈcor, the right ones can complete a room, giving it a thoroughly professional polish.


Hope you enjoyed Anna's solutions for a better looking bathroom.
Our master bathroom surely could use some hardware update... 

Which one of Anna's tips inspired you the most?

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