Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DIY Personalized Countdown Flip Calendar


How many of you use a countdown whether it is for a baby's arrival, wedding day, graduation, vacation, or anything else?
There are many apps available for countdown out there, but what if you made a totally completely personalized one?  
One that would include pictures, sayings for encouragement, love and positive thinking phrases...

The idea behind it

My Hubby and I had been counting the days left until his graduation.  We were really looking forward to it as it had been a long journey to get to there, so as he reached the 30-days-to-go mark, I created his own countdown calendar... Just for him, with pictures I knew he would like.  There was one image per day and each one had a positive sentence, like something I would tell him early in the morning before he left for work.

After I edited my pictures and got them printed at Walgreen's ~for $0.10 a picture ready in an hour, it was the best deal!~, I constructed a stand for a calendar.

How to make a personalized countdown calendar

You will need:
- a ruler
- cardboard, 
- pretty paper, 
- tape,
- glue,
- a whole puncher, 
- ribbon, 
-and your pictures.

Making a stand to hold the calendar

Get a study cardboard and measure it to your desired size. 
Since my pictures were 4 x 6, I made the stand 7 1/4 x 4 3/4 to get a nice size frame around the pictures.
Also, I included a 3rd side to the stand: a 3 in. flap to hold the stand open together and be able to lie it on a flat surface.

With the help of a ruler, push onto the fold lines and gently bend the cardboard.  This will make a neat fold... 

To make the stand pretty, glue some scrapbook paper on the outside and another one in the inside.

Tape the two pieces of paper on the edges to join them together and add a smooth finish to this stand.

Adding the pictures

Gather your pictures...
~The D-30 means 30 days left until the D-Day which is whatever the "special day" is... That's probably a French thing because the first times I used this expression, Hubby used to look at me funny, not understanding what I was talking about.~

Our little fur baby just had to be a part of this project! 
Punch holes in the pictures, and in the stand.  The stand was way too thick for my hole puncher to do any good.  I pierced several tiny holes with a big needle and made my way through a big enough aperture for the ribbon to pass.

Tie the ribbons kind of loosely so that as the days go by, you are able to turn the pages.
And that's it.

A $5.00 gift that means the world to the person who receives it!

A personalized countdown flip calendar will help you or anyone go through the days left until your special day and provide support and encouragement.


  1. Oh that's adorable! It would be such a lovely shower gift.


  2. I love this! What program did you use to edit your photos?

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