Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wall Decals ~ Metallic Gold Hexagon DIY

After seeing gold polka dots wall decals on A Thoughtful Place, I completely fell in love.  I just had to add those gold shapes to my office wall!  

DIY gold polka dots wall decals
Via: A Thoughtful Place
To save money ~and also because I'm a "right here right now" kind of girl, and couldn't wait to go buy them at the store!~ I decided to DIY my gold polka dots.  
But honestly, my circle cutting skills are not that great, and I knew the dots wouldn't have a smooth circular shape.  However, straight shapes are much easier to cut and to make it as close to a circle as possible... hexagons it was!!

DIY Gold Hexagon Decal

What I used

Avery Labels ~ Easy Peel Address Labels 30 per sheet
Gold Paint
Paint Brush

How it went about

First I painted the labels.  Two coats of gold paint were necessary for the color to really stand out.
Then, I traced the hexagons so that two of them would fit within one label.  I used the first ones as a model to trace out the rest of the labels and finally cut out all of them.  With one page of 30 labels, I made 60 little decals.  

DIY gold polka dots or hexagon wall decals

Between tracing and cutting, making the decals was probably the most tedious part of the job.
On the other hand, placing the decals on the wall was very easy.  I used the ruler to measure the distance between each shape, and made sure they would be aligned by placing the leveler on top of the ruler.  Peel the shape off the paper and stick it onto the wall!  Voila!

DIY gold polka dots or hexagon wall decals

The labels also are easily removable.  I had to readjust some of them a few times and they would come off the wall and stick again just as if they were real wall decals ;)

DIY gold polka dots or hexagon wall decals

I even had a little helper....

... Although, I'm not sure whether she really understood that the goal was to leave them on the wall... 30 seconds after it was up, she was peeling it off... Oh boy...
~Now I'm worried one day I'll wake up and all my pretty fancy gold pieces will be on the floor. :$~

Above the window, I changed it up a bit...  Instead of the hexagon, I placed a few diamonds.
At first, I was going to leave that space empty because I didn't want too much going on on this wall, but I felt that it needed a soft touch of gold.  The diamonds are small and look really cute up there.

DIY gold polka dots or hexagon wall decals

And here is a Before/After shot

DIY gold polka dots or hexagon wall decals

I am really excited about the way the office is coming along.  First, the painted bulletin board and now these wall decals!!!  <3
Slowly but surely updating this room for a better blogging experience!

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