Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Useful & Easy Stuff ~ The Deck

Summer is just around the corner! This year I want to be able to fully enjoy the deck with my Husband and family.  So, big project going on: a deck makeover.

I was going to build palettes benches for our deck with some palettes we grabbed last summer, but unfortunately, we stupidly kept them outside all year, standing in the grass. And well... when I tried getting these palettes, it wasn't all pretty.  Yes, wood will deteriorate if you leave it out without any finish as a protective coat, but also bugs will start lovin' that wood!! Eeew... I can't stand bugs...

Since the palettes idea was out, I shopped the house!  And once again decided to give our little coffee table a new purpose.

You have probably seen this table in a previous post when I organized a closet into what I called my craft sanctuary.
Well, with the sunny days coming, I thought this shall become an outside bench!

Part 1: Coffee Table Makeover

Painting this coffee table white would give it a facelift.  Although I love the shape of this piece of furniture and the design on the doors, I feel it is a bit outdated.  A lighter color would also add in making a comfortable and cozy outdoor living space.

Looking good already after the first coat!

Just a few minutes after I finished the second coat the storm started!  I hurried back in to let it dry properly.

Such a big difference, huh?!
As much as I don't really like painting {I admit it, I'm not really good at it. And especially not patients for it. It's too long of a process for me: coat one, let dry, coat two, let dry, finish... It just takes for ever!}, the result is worth it though.

Next step,  adding some wheels to make it easier to transport {it is pretty heavy} and a waterproof finish {I'd like to keep it outside as much as possible, but don't want it to get ruined by the rain of course}.

I'll post the pictures soon. ;)

***UPDATE (7/8/14)!!
Posting the last and final step next.

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