Thursday, February 21, 2013

About the blog and its title

      I wanted the title of my blog to illustrate its content.  Since it resembles a journal about the little things I do to make my life a more positive and enjoyable one, I thought about “positive-ness” or “positive attitude”.   I quickly put the two together, added “life” and came up with the phrase “Life in Positudiness”.  I shared my new title with my husband who was as enthusiastic as I was, and so I decided this was it!

I did some research on the Internet to make sure that the same title didn’t exist already as well as the word I had “created”, and well… I found out that a similar word does exist. “Positude” is the abbreviation for “positive attitude” ~as defined by the and the adverbe “positudeness” is apparently used across the web.  I was not able to find a definition for it, but it probably means the goodness of positude, right?!  I had honestly never heard of the word before... ~ what can I say, I’m French after all!! I still have a little bit of work to do toward my bilingual abilities!~

So, no, to my disappointment, my brain did not completely “make up” my title!! But since I like much better how “positudiness” sounds compared to “positudeness”, I’m keeping it my way!!  J

      Then, I was playing around with a description of the title.  I just got married, so I was having fun looking at my new initials ~S L B R ~ and trying to form new words with them!  The perfect combination came up!!  

These 4 words perfectly describe a Life in Positudiness!!  To achieve a life with positive attitude, it is important to:
·        1st - See what you want to do in your mind: envision it;
·        2nd - Live it: take action;
·        3rd - Believe that you did/accomplished it: be proud of yourself no matter how big or small the action was; and finally…
·        4th - Remember it: share it with your family and friends. 

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