Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kitchen Arrangement 2/3 ~ Even More Counter Space

Yesterday I did my Kitchen Arrangement 1/3 ~ Moving Around for More Counter Space, and I really like the way it looks!  The counter is more spacious, and now I have plenty of room to cook!

I finally did find a way to put my drying mat away!!!

On the left of the sink is a narrow drawer.  I was using it for the spatulas and... well, some Chinese sauces... 
~I know, pretty messy in there, but I've been waiting on all my kitchen supplies and boxes to come up from in FL, and I didn't know where to put them for now...~

Since we flew down to FL over the weekend ~to put our moving boxes and furniture on a Pod and have them shipped up~, I buried that silver basket in my carry-on!  I knew I would put it to good use in a hurry! 
A little bit of thinking and looking around the house, and I found a plastic cup ~soup container~ which holds the Chinese sauces perfectly. 

I put those two in a cabinet, and I got an empty drawer! Woohoo!!
And guess what fitted perfectly in it???

Yes! The drying mat and the black basket!

I love them in there.  Although there is the mat, I put some shelf liner in the bottom to prevent any water stains to form on the wood.
Whenever I wash a little item ~knife, for instance~ I throw it in the basket and close the drawer.  If I'm washing a bulkier item, then I take the mat out and put it on the counter.  But at least, when it's not in use it's away!

And now, I have all the room possible on the counter!!

I even allowed myself to add a little bonus on the counter: these two old left over ceramic tiles to put my and Hubby's glasses.  We always have glasses laying around the kitchen all day so that they remind us that we have to DRINK WATER!! ~we have a tendency to forget to do such a simple and necessary task~ but Hubby is always taking mine!!!  
So now, we have our respective place for our respective glass! ;)

{Check out my update on these 2 old ceramic tiles ~ Beautifying a Little Something!}

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