Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Under-the-Kitchen-Sink Cabinet

The cabinet under the sink in the kitchen is where I store all my cleaning supplies, as I am sure many of you do, right? Honestly, does anyone store anything else in there? Other than garbage or cleaning things, what else can we put there?! ~If you have any suggestions, please share!!

So, in my old condo in Florida, I used to have a little shelf in there which was really practical because it enabled me to use the full height of the cabinet: under the self were all my little items in bins (e.g., sponges, gloves...) and on top were all the product in bottles.

Here, in the house, no shelf. So I was wasting so much space ~in height~ and was a big need of a solution before I ran out of room!

Here is what it looked like before!

Yes, I know!!! Kinda messy! Sponges pilled on top of each other, bottles I didn't even know were what nor where... And look at all the space between the top of the bottles and the top of that cabinet... Such a waste, and I can't stand using spaces to their full potential!!

I know the pipe was in the way, but I just had to do something!

First things first ~ empty it all and clean it nicely!

~Please don't mind the pipe, it's pretty nasty, but we're not about to change it since we don't own the house!~

After looking at a few boxes I had in store ~ well... waiting for the recycle truck to come get them!! ~here is what I got...
A nice sturdy box, and ... with dividers! How perfect!!!!
I put the big bottles of bleach and carpet cleaners that I don't use often in the way back.

Added another couple of plastic containers found at the dollar store.
And then, rearranged all my other cleaning supplies neatly.
It took me 10 minutes and is now saving me so much time and head aches looking for what I need, grabbing something without having to hold another piece to prevent it from falling over ...
It's much neater, which is what I love!

Maybe one day I will beautify, but for now that's good enough!

What do think? Easy, right?!
What did you do with your Under-the-Sink cabinet?

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