Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Phoenix, AZ - The Phoenician

Saturday, June 15 - Tuesday, June 18, Hubby and I went on our First Mini Honeymoon.  Woohoo!!!!  
** Warning this is a looong post ~ but most of it are pictures! ;) **

This trip was very last minute.  We first wanted to go to San Francisco, CA because we love this town, but when we started talking about what our needs for this first getaway were, we realized that all we needed was to relax, bathe in the sun, lay by a pool, just take it easy for once.
So, San Francisco was not the best, it was not so warm, not really a place to stay by a pool, more like a city to visit and walk a lot.  My In-Laws had told us so much about Arizona we had been dying to go there.  Once Thursday night came, there we were looking for flights to go to Phoenix, AZ.  We had so much to do at home prior to leaving, we did not even bother finding a hotel.

Friday all day, we both were off, so we rearranged the house...again... We switched the office and lounge which I started talking about in yesterday's post.

And Saturday very early morning, we flew to Phoenix.

After we landed and as soon as we entered the garage in the airport to pick up our rental car, we felt the heat creeping up on us.  Enterprise is very well equipped with free water bottles for each customer!!  We've rented a lot of cars, but never did they have water bottles waiting for us...
We were so lucky to be helped by an excellent and dynamic person there.  She was so sweet, gave us lots of great information and tips on where to go in the city, and... She even upgraded our car because we shared with her that we were on our Honeymoon!  How wonderful!!

Check out the temperature: not 10am yet, and already 95F... ~the date was wrong, I realized it 3 days later...haha!~

By the time we started driving away from the airport, it was perfect time for brunch.  Hubby's brother had suggested the perfect place for that.  It was in Scottsdale, AZ a 15-minute drive from Phoenix.   We went to Elements, the restaurant in The Sanctuary Resort, situated on the Camelback mountain!
The view was magnificent.  The food was scrumptious.  The weekend started off on a very good note!!

With our full and satisfied stomachs, we went hunting for the perfect resort for us...
We visited about 5 of the most prestigious ones in the area.  By the last one, I realized we were being really picky which was why we couldn't find the "perfect" fit for us: we had in mind a pretty resort with a nice and clean hotel, a pool that wasn't too crowded nor sounded like a party, close to the city center, and still affordable...

We were in the last resort in the area ~this one was actually 30 minutes away from Scottsdale~, and I was telling Hubby we couldn't have it all.  We would have to compromise on certain things...  As I was still fantasizing about our dream vacation place, the impossible, and trying to reason myself saying "this one is soo far, but it won't be too bad...", the Hubs was on the phone checking for availability at the most up-scale resort ... The Phoenician...  I knew it wouldn't be in our budget, but I let him do his thing...

Ten minutes later, he hung up, took me by the hand and draged me to the car for yet another ride in the oh so hot desertic heat! #gottahavetheAC
"We got it babe!!! We're going to The Phoenician!!!" He exclaims.

The Phoenician currently has a deal for their 25 year Anniversary.  We paid the first night at the full price, and the second night was $25!!!  Awesome!!  ~ Check out their Facebook Page for updates on their current deals :) ~
We would have never been able to afford this resort without this special offer.  It was a true blessing.
As soon as we arrived at the resort, Hubby and I knew we would have the best time we've ever had.  The hotel was gorgeous and the views spectacular.  We couldn't wait to explore!!!
The Front Desk Supervisor, Brandon, was a very warm and welcoming man.  He made us feel very comfortable right away.  At the end of our check-in process, he announced us that because we were on our honeymoon, he was upgrading us into the Deluxe Executive Suite!!  Say Whaaat???!!!
After remembering his directions "Make a left right there, pass the double doors and go to the end of the hallway", we arrived in front of our door.
Is that a door bell I see?! That's a first!!! Pretty fancy!  We were the only one throughout the entire hallway to have a door bell!!  Haha!! Awesome!  Are we VIPs?!!

We quickly opened the door eager to see what was awaiting us...

The Entrance Left
The Entrance Right - Mini Bar + Keurig!
Desk with printer - So convenient for whoever needs one !
First Balcony 
And the View!!!! AAAHHHH!!!! Gorgeous!
 Living Room
LOOOVE this couch and the pictures in the back.  Babe, can we have this in our house, pleeaaase?!
Huge Space, isn't it?!?!
 BED ROOM!!!! 
 Other side of the Bed Room

Love this Mirror!!! <3 Wanted to take that one home too!!!
 Bath Room with His and Hers sinks
Bath Tube
Vanity/Make up Table for the Lady! Thank you!!

 Between Bed Room and Bath Room - A closet each with Robes and Slippers!!
 The Balcony next to the Bed Room ~the 3rd one by the way!~
 Humongous Balcony!!! Even had a big table with 6 chairs!!! 
 The views!

More Views from our Balconies, later throughout our stay

We were ecstatic about seeing everything in the suite, did the happy dance in every room!  We've never had been in a suite before... Ever...  ~We usually do motels...~  So that was pretty really friggin' fabulous!!!!!

Then, we had to explore the rest of the resort! :)
Camelback Mountain
My Favorite Tree!!! It's trunk and branches are green!!

 Necklace River ~ and Bridge to the Casitas and Spa

Pool Side ~ Best Margarita Ever: Prickly Pear Flavored! Yum!!!
Desert Spa

 So... What do you think???  Wanna go to The Phoenician yet?! 

We had the BEST time ever!!! Honestly!  The Phoenician definitely met every criteria we had in finding our resort:
  • Pretty resort with a nice and clean hotel ~ Uh yeah!!! So luxurious and sparkly! CHECK
  • A pool that wasn't too crowded nor sounded like a party ~ Plus a bonus: It had a water slide and a floating path to run on.  We had more fun than the kids out there! hahaha!! CHECK 
  • Close to the city center ~ Was like 5 minutes away from Downtown Scottsdale, AZ, so... CHECK! 
  • Affordable ~ Thanks to their great special anniversary rates ~ CHECK
We were able to relax, sun tan, take pretty walks in the Cactus Garden, enjoy the Spa/Gym for free, and have dinners in the city.  We even extended our stay an additional night because we were so comfortable in our "home"!  

The staff was extremely warm and helpful any time we needed anything.  

Conclusion: The Phoenician is EXTRAORDINARY!! :) :) :) 
If you go to Phoenix/Scottsdale area, definitely go there, if you can afford it.  It's a bit pricey, but if like us, you want to spend a special vacation for a special occasion, this is definitely the place to pick!! Your stay will be worth it, believe me!
We can't wait to go back and are already talking about a date!!!  We are also sending/bringing our parents out there!  For sure!!!

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