Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pimp My Jar

A simple way to make a glass jar more attractive

Here was a simple sauce jar I had and wanted to use to store rice away.

The jar was in good condition, but... I couldn't get the sticky from the previous label off...

I scrubbed it with a metal sponge and soap, soaked it in warm water, rubbed alcohol, nail polish remover, ...
I really tried my best, but couldn't get it off as much as this...

Still sticky, pretty blurry, I just got tired of it and decided to improvise.
I had seen this project on Jen's blog at IHeartOrganizing, and it got me inspired!!

With some paper, Mod Podge, and a bit of paint...
Why not make my own label to mask that glue residue and make a much colorful + prettier jar?!!?

First, I cut a piece of paper to the size I needed and cut the corners off to make a simple label ~I don't have fancy tools to make fancy label, so I do what I can!!~

Then, I glued it onto the jar with Mod Podge and also added an even coat of this all-in-one glue, sealer and finish all over the jar and label.  

Once completely dry, I added a piece of Scotch tape right in the center of the label. 
**You'll see why next!! ;)

The clear tape allows me to use markers ~my pretty colorful Sharpie that I looove!!~ and wipe it off with a cotton and rubbing alcohol.  

The black original lid needed some upgrade as well.  I painted it with some light blue acrylic paint, and for protection, a layer of Mod Podge!


PS:  This was one of my two first projects using Mod Podge, and I applied it with a pretty thick paint brush.  When the sealer dried it made some lines ~as you can see on the top part~ all around the jar which was created from the brush's strokes.  I do not think that's supposed to happen, and apparently other users use sponges for an even coat.  :$ Oh well... I always learn best from my mistakes!!!  
~I kinda like the unevenness in this project anyways! But I'll know for next time!~

** Have you ever reused/recycled/repurposed an item from your house and made it prettier? What was it? What did you do? Please feel free to share!! :) **

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