Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Attention Lovely Readers!

Hello everybody!
Just a quick post here on technical issues.

It's been brought to my attention over the weekend that Life In Positudiness runs very slowly on some web browsers (i.e., Internet Explorer).  If that's the case for you too, I suggest using Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome, which are much quicker browsers.  As for Apple users, I am sure Safari works great!


Also, I have installed several widgets in the right column:  
*First the "Traduire/Translate" one ~obviously~ allows you to translate if needed ~more for my little French readers~, but it apparently hasn't been working properly. Well, not working at all...
*Then, there are the Social Network buttons ~under the "Follow Me!!!" title for Instagram,  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Bloglovin'~.  I am not too sure that the links are properly set since I created those myself, but they work on my hand!  Let me know...

Please pretty please leave a comment or email me ~email address here~ if you see or find anything not working properly, and/or do the same to let me know that it is indeed working!  I would really appreciate the feedback on this matter as I am apparently not seeing the same things you are and am not aware of all theses issues.

Thanks a bunch!


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