Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A new blog design

Just like human beings, our blogs grow, change, and take new dimensions. 
After blogging for 1.5 years with my own self-made template and blog header, I needed Life In Positudiness to get a new face, and its design and colors to be more reflective of my personality. 

A couple months ago, after researching on the Internet and particularly Etsy for some good web designs that inspired me, I found Color Crush Creative.  The designer, Ce Ce, specializes in simple designs with pop of colors.  I only saw a couple of her designs and I knew right away that it was what I needed.  When I contacted her, she informed me that she was still in the process of building her shop, therefore quite busy, but she accepted to work with me anyways.  We hit it off pretty quickly; she is such a sweet person!!

I loved working with Ce Ce on this.  She was very professional in the way she handled the process.  I felt comfortable emailing back and forth with her because I realized that she really wanted me to be happy with my new design.

The process

1. In order to start the designing process, Ce Ce had me fill out a form to learn about my needs and desires and to give her the general information such as my links to social media, welcome message and more.

2. Ce Ce asked me to put together a Mood-Board with pictures that inspired me in order for her to pull out the color theme from it.
Here is the board I created in Polyvore with the colors Ce Ce pulled out from the pictures.

3. The biggest job was designing my Blog Header. I believe that it’s the most important thing on a blog, a big eye catcher kinda thing.  Ce Ce was fantastic and really took the time to listen to my needs.  After a few trials with different fonts and colors (which Ce Ce had me pick) she made this simple yet bold and beautiful header.  She added a touch of gold foil to it – I was in love!!

4. The Welcome Picture and Text are adorable. The format, fonts and colors Ce Ce used are simply just what I wanted (and she didn’t even ask me, she’s that good!!) ;)

5. I used to have my Navigation Bar fixed under the blog header. I had a lot of pages; it was a mess. Ce Ce asked if I wanted it to be fixed when scrolling down and which pages where the most important to me. Now you can scroll up and down LIP and the Nav Bar stays along for easy click to another page or social media! Love that!!

6. Lastly, Ce Ce asked me to check the rest of the blog design, which included the side bar widgets, the fonts and colors in the blog posts, etc.

It was a really fun and exciting process. To see my new blog take form in the live blog template Ce Ce provided me with was amazing! I was like a little girl in a candy store looking at all the colors and pretty things she had for me.

Not only did she do a great job with the design, she was a wonderful person to work with. 
I hope you guys have been loving LIP's new design as much as I do. :)

Thank you dearly Color Crush Creative for making this an fantastic experience.

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