Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shelves Lining

The house that my Hubby and I are renting is great!  We really are so lucky to have found it, especially when we were far from expecting it!!
Even though we love it, there are some little things that are outdated.  For instance: the shelves! haha!!

The paper that was on the shelves was probably wallpaper, red with flowers, kind of like  from way back in the days!  Just touching them made me feel uncomfortable putting anything on them.  It was rough and almost sticky... 
So... for better use out of them, what a great and cheap way it is than to wrap up those pieces of wood in some colorful, brand-new and of course clean paper!!

I started by stripping the shelves off of their old cover.  

I then picked some papers I liked.  In this case, I used wrapping paper.  It's not the best and strongest kind of paper to use on shelves, but it's fine for the purpose of this closet.  I just have to be gentle putting things on and off, that's all!!
And also, I used a box cutter.

I made sure to have about 1/4 in. to wrap and stick the paper on the sides.

~As always, Lily wanted to help out!!!  Such a cutie, but not really practical!!  She wanted to sit ON the paper! haha, crazy kitty!! :)

For the 2nd shelf, I used pink duck tape to stick the wrapping paper as well as make a pretty and different color for the front edge of the shelf.

The 3rd shelf only was completely wrapped up in paper ~top through bottom~ since it's the highest and we can see the bottom of it!

Here is a view from up top. 
I love the colors!!

This simple little change makes me so much more comfortable putting anything in this closet.  And it's always a pleasant surprise to see the colors pop out of there!!

Make Little Changes For  A

Life in Positudiness!



  1. simple mais fallait y penser ! et du coup oui ça donne envie de bien couleur s'affiche !
    "quand je n'ai pas de bleu je mets du rouge" Pablo PICASSO

    1. Et oui, c'est sur!
      J'aime bien la citation de Picasso!!



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