Friday, April 12, 2013

Home Organization ~ Labeling Laundry

Today for some Funtastic Friday, I decided to have a label day!!

I have to admit, I really procrastinate doing the laundry.  Between sorting the clothes, washing them, drying them ~thank god we have machines nowadays!!~ and folding them... I feel that it's just really time consuming.  Well, at least when you are not organized it is!
Of course, in order to make it easier on me, I've been trying to keep the first part of the process organized: sorting the clothes.  I believe that if the clothes are continually grouped in categories of the ways that they need to be washed, it should be simple to just take the filled basket/hamper or whatever you call it and throw everything in the washer!  Very much logical, isn't it?!
However, my hubby has some difficulty remembering what goes where, and instead of telling him every time or worse getting mad when he does it wrong (because it gives me more work!!), I decided I should try something more radical! 

Simply put, I labeled the hampers!

I used one of these labels, from Call me Victorian.  They are so cute and... FREE!!! Woohoo!!! I love me some free stuff!!
Thanks so so much Call me Victorian! (click here to get their free vintage frames)

With the label ~which was super simple to use~ I created my own by writing what I needed in it!  Feel free to save this image for your own use ~I would just ask that you kindly refer to this post when you do!!~ It's nice to help each other out in this blogging community!  (BTW, it's my first time sharing my own printable, so please let me know if the format is of good quality or not!! ;) Thanks!)

Home Organization: sort your laundry with labeling the hampers
I chose this particular font purposely so that I could color the inside of the words with markers.  We don't have a color printer at home ~yet!~ so, I do what I can to make something black and white colorful!! :)
I used a scrapbook paper to print the labels on for some pretty design.
I cut around the black frames and just for some cuteness I punched a little flower in them, but that's totally optional!
Then, I laminated the labels.  This way they can survive anything ~or almost!!~

I love my Purple Cows laminator! It's a Hot and Cold one which means that I can also laminate fragile papers that cannot withstand heat.  I haven't yet tried this option, but it sounds pretty cool!

Once the laminated sheet cooled off, I cut around the labels once again and punched a hole in them for hanging purposes.
Finally, I attached the labels on the hampers with a safety pin ...

Home Organization: sort your laundry with labeling the hampers

... or a string.

Now, no more excuses for Hubby not to put the clothes in the right hamper!  And easier job for the cleaning lady ~AKA Sandie or Wifey!~

Home Organization: sort your laundry with labeling the hampers

Organize Your House For  A

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