Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hanging Towels in the Kitchen

Yes, I do have a dishwasher, but sometimes there are items in the kitchen that are not dishwasher proof!
 For those, I have a dish mat, which I really like.  I used to have a wire dish rack but that would always fill up and look messy.  Now at least, with the mat I have to keep putting the dishes away as soon as they are dry! It works better for me.
Sometimes though, I don't have enough room or time to let some things hang around on the counter. So I keep a dish towel near by to dry whatever I need quickly.  And, I also have a towel for drying hands.
Since we moved in, I've been having issues finding the best place in my new kitchen for these towels.

In the condo in FL, I used to have them over the handle of the oven door. It was perfect, handy and they would dry quickly.
This oven now doesn't have a handle that sticks out which could enable me to do the same, so I started tucking part of the towel in the the door... As such:

It worked for a couple of days, until I pulled it out of the oven door a bit too roughly and....

The towel got stuck somehow somewhere and a string pulled out! Argh...

I had to think of something better.
Earlier that day, I had gone shopping at Michael's for arts and craft, and I had found some cute magnetic clips.

They were on sale, so I got them even if I had no idea what I would do with them and even if I thought "I already have a bunch of magnets, do I really need these...???"

Well, there was my answer!! Yes, I did need to get these and what a cool idea I came up with!
Clipping the towel in the magnet and putting it on the oven door (which is made of metal! duh!).

Tada!!!  Now my hands and dish towels are safe ~ more pulling strings out!

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