Friday, April 5, 2013


Don't be misled by the title, I'm just talking about the ABC TV show "Scandal".

My Mother In Law has been talking about this show for months, asking me if I watch it, telling me how great it is... So finally, 2 weeks ago, since I was sick and had nothing to do but be stuck on the couch and watch TV, I decided to take a look at what she was talking about.  And oh dear... what had I gotten myself into?!
I got hooked right away, addicted, couldn't get enough of each episodes!
I watched the whole first season on Netflix in 2 days ~it was only 7 episodes~ and this past Wednesday,  I finally finished all 17 episodes of the season 2 and was up-to-date to watch it "live" on Thursday night.  I very rarely stay up past 10 p.m., but this was an event, a very special one, and I was going to make an exception!!

Last night, I waited impatiently for hours for the show to come up!  I even summed up the whole story to my husband so that he could watch it with me!  I was super excited to at last be able to watch the series on TV.  ~Although, I enjoyed catching up all 24 episodes without having to wait a week or more at a time!~
The episode was great, as always, filled with suspense.  It kept me on the edge of my seat.
And then... it ended leaving me pending with tons of questions!! Well, that's what makes it so addicting after all.
But, guess what... the next episode isn't going to air until April 25th!! WHHAATTT???!!! 3 whole weeks without any answers?!
I can't take it, that's my luck every time! I finally catch up to the series and it takes a break! Why do they do that?!
And it's just not fair to leave us with all these wonders.  I want to know what's going to happen already!!!
I don't want to reveal anything for other fans, but seriously it's like they left us in the middle of a sentence and will finish it a whole century later! ;)
Just kidding!  I just looove this show!
It makes me want to be a crisis manager! Or at least a Gladiator in Suits!

Shonda Rhimes and Judy Smith came up with the greatest show of all times!  I can't believe the amount of information, suspense, stories and other things I can't find words for that go on in each episode.  It's just simply amazing.
And the cast is so talented.  They really make me believe in their character.  Everything flows so naturally it seems!

Sooo... whoever is not watching Scandal yet, you better start now because you're missing out big time!

Oh and BTW... it's their first year anniversary just today!! Woohoo!!!

Can't wait for the series to continue!!
Scandal is like my little treat at the end of the day!

Treat Yourself For

Life in Positudiness!

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