Saturday, April 13, 2013

Turkey for Breakfast!

No... We didn't actually eat turkey for breakfast!
As we started our day, our cat Lily was as usual on her windowsill, but she was barking ~yes, our cat barks, well in her own way!~  So Hubby and I approached the window to see what kind of bird it could be, and... wow what a surprise!!  These were REALLY BIG birds!!!

Lily was following the thing around crawling back and forth on the windowsill, it was so funny!

Anyways, there was a whole family of them.
Or more like the Male King and 5 Females!

Look at him with his blue head, I've never seen this before! He was dancing around the female on this picture!

They visiting our entire front and backyard and driveway.  Lily was going nuts following them threw one window to the next!

It's kind of weird looking really, don't you think?! 

And away they went!
Bye bye turkeys!! It was fun seeing you this morning!
It was the attraction of the day!

Everyday is a new beginning, anything can happen!

And just to think that we had wild turkeys in our backyard when we live 30 minutes away from NYC is pretty amazing!

Seize The Day For  A

Life in Positudiness!


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