Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Organizing Wrapping Papers

Wrapping papers and shelf liners are full of colors, designs, shapes, flowers...  They can really be beautiful and also useful around the house.  Whether I need to cover shelves, beautify a box or simply wrap a present, I like to keep my papers nearby for a quick and easy access.  
However, these rolls of papers can be tricky and well... roll all over the place.  

In this post, I am going to show you a very simple way to organize and store them and say goodbye to messy rolling rolls!

Wrinkled, bent or ripped wrapping paper isn't the nicest, so make sure that it will stay nicely and neatly in shape.  Start by putting a rubber band around each rolls to keep the sheet of paper together.  

I've wondered many times what the best way would be to:
     1. Keep the rolls together, in the same place, 
     2. Use the least amount of space as possible, and 
     3. Make sure that they wouldn't fall down on me...  

First, I've tried putting them in a drawer.  Although they were all together and staying in that one spot, they wasted a whole drawer, and I wasn't satisfied with that.  
Then, I had them on a shelf  in my craft closet.  Again, they stayed all together, they didn't roll ~the closet itself is bigger than the opening of it so the rolls fit inside the closet where the ends were tucked away and preventing the rolls from falling.  However, it wasn't easy access, I couldn't grab one without having to shuffle them all to find the one I was looking for.
Finally...  I had an idea!  And this is working perfectly!!  hehe!

I picked up a magazine file which was laying around from our recent moving in.  I bought it a while back at Ikea.  They are $5 for 2 of them.

And all of my rolls of papers and liners went in the magazine file, in an up right position.  They are together in the same place, take the least amount of space as possible and stop rolling!!
Genius, right!!! ;) ~Yes, I get really happy when something works out perfectly!!~

You could easily store them this way in the bottom of a cabinet, closet, wherever you may have room and/or your craft supplies, or like I did: in the top of your baking cupboard!!
I don't know why, but this cupboard has a huge, very high space above that last shelf.  I had no idea what I would be able to store there and still make sure to optimize all of the space.  
Well, I found one thing for now!!! The wrapping paper rolls fit to perfection!  
I only have a small collection for now, so whenever the time will come, I will add the others right next to the first magazine file.

"Yes, but in your baking cupboard, really?!", you may say... 
I know, it's a little weird, but this closet ~which used to be a very unorganized everything closet (paper towels, toilet papers, winter gloves and hats) and is now just starting to become what I call it my "baking cupboard", because I ran out of room in the kitchen~ is in the hallway, between the kitchen and ... the bathroom.  And right across from it is my craft closet, so it works out fine for me.  
Everything is still kept together, or at least in the same area of the house! 
Oh and also...  It's quite a pretty way to store the beautiful papers.  I enjoy glancing at them each time I open the cupboard door! :)

I am very happy with this organization achievement.  It is exactly what I was looking for ~stay together, take small space, prevent from falling~, and it also makes up for an added BONUS...  Easy to grab and go for the creation of new projects!  

Whenever I need to use paper for whatever the reason may be, I just grab the magazine file and carry it to my crafting station!  That way I can easily choose the color or design I want or even use several of them for the same project.

I mostly certainly love to find little ways that lead toward a life in positudiness!!
So, if you are with me on that thought:
              See  ~imagine~ ways that will best suit your needs, 
             Live ~implement~ your thoughts, 
             Believe ~rejoice~ your great work, and 
             Remember to... 

Organize Your House For  A

Life in Positudiness!


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