Thursday, March 7, 2013

Prettifying Metal Can for Office

I like to reuse household items whenever possible.  A simple example of this is using an empty ~and cleaned of course!!~ can as a pen holder.  
So I figured that if I was going to use such a cheap thing to hold my pens in the office, I could at least beautify it a bit! 

Needed for this project: 
  • a can
  • duck tapes ~2 different colors~
  • a pretty ribbon

~Vegetable Can becomes Pen Holder~

I used colored duck tape ~lime green and hot pink~ and applied it to the can.
Make sure to pull the tape and smooth it with your fingers as you stick it down, little by little.  You don't want bumps to form. 

For the purpose of my project, I put both tapes all the the way on the edges of the can, leave about 1/2 in of metal.  But, anything else is possible!

This was a very simple project.  Even though I needed more than just two hands, it was still possible to do by myself!  As you can see, I was holding the tape between my knees while turning the can with my right hand ~or in this case, taking the picture!!~ and smoothing the tape with my left fingers! 

Once finished rolling the duck tape all around, I had my two pretty colorful sides and a silver middle section.

I could have surely left it that way, but instead I decided to cover the metal with a pretty ribbon. 
I had kept a bunch from my bridal shower because I just knew I would reuse them somehow!
I even still had most of them on that silly hat thingy! :)

I picked the pretty gold one and tied it around the can, making a bow at the end.
It's super cute and it matches the box that inspired me for the design of my blog.  It's from "L'Occitane En Provence" ~ love that store!!! Oh and, it's French by the way! ;) ~

That's it, just a way to prettify a metal can and put for good use in the office!

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