Friday, March 29, 2013

Getting back on track!!

It has been what feels like for ever since I've written a post... I've been so busy trying to organize my life, my house, that I haven't been taking the time to do what really matters to me... Write and share some of my ideas with you!
I've been so caught up in the obligations that life brings to us ~yes, cleaning up a house in order to be able to walk without tripping over boxes seems to be an obligation! ; doing paperwork because since we just got married there are a lot of things to take care of, especially with me being French; doing taxes (yup, it's that time of the year!) etc, etc...~ I feel like I've been stuck in doing only things that don't really matter... but hey! This blog is about a Life in Positudiness, isn't it!!? So let's look at the positive outcomes from the past weeks:

     1. I finally have all my stuff (my life!) with me!
     2. I have been spending time fixing things (putting shelves up, pictures...) with my hubby which in a weird way maybe I enjoy a lot! ~I like giving him orders! haha! Just kidding!
     3. We now have a very cozy comfortable welcoming bedroom
     4. We have a real office with furniture!!
     5. I completely organized the kitchen and was able to fit all we have - this was quite a challenge, but I'm pretty happy with the results.

And, the best thing of all is that I have lots of material to share! Of course, I took pictures of everything to show you before and after (or more like "in progress") pictures and other things like such.
So, finally today, since it is Friday and I fully intend on having a Funtastic Friday, I am stopping "life" and taking a chance to do "my" thing and write away!!

Here's what ~the main task~ we've been up to at the Hillside Residence!
Trying to clear this up from here:

And also from the most important room in the house: MY kitchen ~yes, it's mine!!~ Here are 2 before pictures.  

It doesn't look like a huge extreme amount but know that the cabinets were filled already!!  That's why it was my biggest challenge! 
I really wasn't sure I would be able to fit everything! And actually, I didn't since I have to transform a cabinet in the hallway into a bakery cabinet! ;)  It holds all of the machinery and the important ingredients for baking!

Well, that's it for this morning.  I'll probably be back later for more on the kitchen organization and some after pictures!

But for now, have a ...


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