Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Brand New Office for This Girl ~ A Work In Process

So you know... as always, I just need love to rearrange my spaces.  This time, it was all about my office!  ~ Actually, it often is all about my office ;) ~ 
As I mentioned last week when I gave my desktop calendar a facelift, with everything happening in this office, it was beginning to get unpractical.  

First, I was looking for a bigger wider desk.  When I create my Life In Positudiness Planners, I spread the pages across the desk to organize myself and bind them to perfection.  So a wide space was crucial for me.

Next, I wanted to lower the amount of tools (arc punch, paper cutter, laminator, etc) I kept on top of the desk and drawer chests while keeping them close to me and at an easy to reach distance.

So, I thought about my needs and shopped the house.  And I came up with the perfect set up for my new office!

I used the Ikea cubes we had in our virtual entrance and then in our dinning room.  They now support the wood panel from Ikea that has been my desk.  They are perfect for storing all the small ~ and bigger ~ items.

I still have a lot to do in this room to make it perfect and finished ~ find a new chair, create organization tools for the cubes to neatly put away the smaller boxes, papers, etc. and add a piece of wood the the lighter wood panel ~.

On the back wall, I have some Ikea racks with tape dispenser, pens, paint brushes, scissors and more.

I'm really loving the wide space, room around and on the desk!!

Life In Positudiness Planner

This new office set up is making my life so much easier :)
Organizing spaces truly goes a long way!


  1. I think it looks fantastic! What a lovely place to do your work and get creative :)

    1. Thanks Sara! Yes, I have to admit I'm loving blogging and creating in there with the new changes!!



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