Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dish Organizer

Seems that I am much into kitchen organization lately... :)  After a new kitchen utensils set up and an efficient way to store food containers and their lids, I wanted to share with you how I organized my dessert dishes for better access.

Dish Drainer for Dish Organizer

In a Pile

When the dishes were piled up in the cabinet, I was having a hard time using them the way I wanted because I often had to move the ones on the top to reach the ones on the bottom...  ~yes, it may sound crazy, but depending on the kind of dessert I am having I will want a specific kind of dish... It also depends on my mood!~

Dish Drainer

As many other things in our house, there was this dish drainer I bought at Ikea a few years back which was in the bottom of a closet since we moved in this new home.
I thought... It is made to hold dishes upright ~to dry~, so why not put it in the cabinet to display the dessert dishes?!

using a dish drainer to hold the dishes up right in a cabinet

After adjusting the shelves so the dishes would fit in the upright position, I had a new way to keep the small dishware in place.  And even though it doesn't look more appealing ~I'm thinking of a way to embellish the black drainer as I am writing ;)~ it is much more convenient as I can just grab the perfect dish for the perfect dessert without having to take out the ones on top!

using a dish drainer to hold the dishes up right in a cabinet

Here is to a simple switch for an easier life!

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