Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Very First Canvas Picture ~ Easy Canvas Prints

I love pictures; I love taking them, editing them, sometimes making collages and ultimately displaying them in my home.  Pictures tell a story, they remind you of special events in your life, and they bring life to a room. A great and fancy way to display your favorite pictures is to have them printed out on canvases.  I love the way canvas pictures look, I think they make the images really stand out in a more professional way.

Since we moved into our home, I had been wanting to have some pictures on canvases, and, well... I recently just found the perfect company for it...  

Easy Canvas Prints!


I made a collage of my three favorite pictures of Lily, our fur baby, and I ordered a 16"x20" canvas.  I received the canvas in impeccable conditions about two weeks later!


The website was really easy and super quick to utilize!
When choosing the size of canvas, I appreciated having a visual of the potential display above a couch.  It gave me an idea of what I needed.
Uploading the picture was very simple and fast.  Just browse your folders, choose the images, and click "Upload Image".  Then, Easy Canvas Prints shows you two very accurate views of your canvas: Design view or Proof view.
Next in your order process, you are able to chose the kind of border you desire.  I decided that mine should be "mirrored", but you can ask for "image wrap" or "border color".
And that's it!  Just order it.

Mirror Image Border


I received my big happy package relatively quickly.  The canvas comes in a cardboard box, and is taped to the inside of it.  Before placing my order, I had read reviews where some people said that the packaging is a bit flimsy and it should be better handled.  My opinion... what else would you need?  I think it's very fine the way it is.

The canvas was not in any way damaged, nor could it have been damaged.  It was very well protected by the thick cardboard.

As for the canvas itself, I am more than happy with the result. :)  The colors are vibrant, and the details are a perfection.  Just look at this picture:

Here is a close up at the bottom picture of my collage.  Isn't the quality so great?! :)
The frame of the canvas is a very sturdy wooden structure, and on the top beam is a metal hook for easy and convenient mount onto the wall.

I am in love with my canvas, it looks just like the original picture collage I made on my computer... in way bigger!!  Haha!

Hurry up and go get yours now!! They are having a promotion for a limited time only: 25% OFF All Canvas and Free Standard Shipping...  Don't miss out on this great opportunity! Click on their logo:

photos on canvas



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