Monday, July 29, 2013

Storing Kitchen Utensils in a 3-Tier Letter Tray

How a metal mesh letter tray unwanted in the office becomes super handy in the kitchen...

Upright Utensils

Since I do not have many drawers nor much counter space, I store the cooking tools in a cupboard right by the stove.  I had them standing up in a basket, but this one used to fall over a lot from the weight of all the utensils and/or as it bumped into a metal hook.  It was getting frustrating.

Laying Them Down

As I saw the metal mesh 3-tiered letter tray ~from IKEA~ collecting dust in a corner of the office, I realized it would be a good idea to try it in the kitchen.

When I lay down all the tools in each drawer, I knew right away this was going to be a good and useful fit.

The bottom drawer 

It hosts the miscellaneous tools, ones that I use for specific tasks: tongs, salad spoons, spatulas, pencil, vegetables peeler, mini cheeses grater, and pizza slicer.

The two top drawers

The middle one contains all the somewhat flat utensils which I use daily to prepare the meals: wooden spoons, wooden and silicon turners, crepes turner...
And the top one holds the bigger, bulkier tools ~that don't fit in between 2 drawers!~ and that I use for serving purposes: spoons, spaghetti servers, skimmer, and also the pancakes tuner.

Now everything is easy to reach, nothing falls over, and I really like how neat it looks! 
That's for a quick little organization which surely goes a long way...

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