Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Design Clipboard Tutorial

I use 4 cheap clipboards and painted them in 4 different ways to embellish my wall.

Today, I am showing you how to paint a two-colored stripes clipboard in a very easy manner.

1. Clean the clipboard off of any dust particles.

2. Tie the clip open with some ribbon ~or anything else~ to make sure this will stay in place during your project and will not damage the fresh paint.

3. Put some painters' tape on the clipboard to create the stripes.
Measure the distance in between each tape lines to assure the design to be equal and straight.

4. Start painting the spaces in between the tapes with the same color.

5. After several coats of paint and letting them dry completely, remove the tape.  
I used my box cutter method ~like I did in the Remodeled Pitcher~ to carefully separate the paint from the tape.

After sliding the box cutter along the tape, this one came off very easily without tearing the fresh ~but dry~ paint.

6. Paint the board with your second color.
Careful not to paint over your first color!! Just use slow steady strokes.

See how organizing you house can be something really enjoyable 
when you add some creativity to it!

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