Friday, July 19, 2013

Le Tour de France is Home!

Today Le Tour de France's final destination was Le Grand Bornand: One of the many mountains around my home town Annecy, and one of the ski resort I used to go skiing... ~Oh how I miss that...~

Stage 19 ~ via

And of course, tomorrow, I am missing the best of it...  Le Tour de France in Annecy!!! AAHHH, why am I not there right now?! ~Oh yeah, I'm still waiting for my Green Card!...~
Stage 2 ~ via
The cyclists will start right in the center of town and will climb the closest mountain from my house, Le Semnoz.

This was the very first mountain my Mom, brother and I brought my American boyfriend ~my now Hubby~ when he visited me and my family for the first time, back in 2008!  It was a great experience.  We had a nice time admiring the views of Annecy, its lake and the Mont Blanc from distance, trying to pet cows, running in the green grass, and breathing the pure cool mountain air.

I really wish I could be part of all the fun that's going to happen tomorrow...
First the caravan comes around with all the companies' giveaways.
Tour de France in Annecy 2009
They drive in cool cars and throw things at us to promote their products!!
Tour de France in Annecy 2009

Tour de France in Annecy 2009
And then, the cyclists flew by!
My camera couldn't even take a nice picture because they go SO fast!!!
Tour de France in Annecy 2009
And then, there were activities in town.
VIP access!
You don't mess with Le Tour de France cyclists!
Annecy Downtown ~ "La Porte Ste-Claire"
Oh well... I hope my parents and brother will enjoy the festivities! ~Miss you guys~
Hubby and I will surely be watching it on TV!!  It plays on NBCS a few times a day, super convenient so no one can miss out!

I hope everyone is having a...

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