Monday, July 1, 2013

Restaurant Review - Elements at The Sanctuary

My Husband and I have a few passions in common.  One of them is traveling, another one is eating!  When we go on vacation, we have the best time combining both.  We like to experience the local foods and look up great restaurants in that area.
On our First Mini Honeymoon, we dove in the tasting experience and gave our taste buds a whole new sense and definition of deliciousness.

During this month of July, every Monday, I will take you on a foodie journey to our five favorite restaurants around Phoenix, AZ.

This week, we are going back to Elements, the restaurant in The Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa.

The restaurant itself was stunning, very modern, high class, a wide open area.  But the best of it was the view.  

When the hostess asked us "Booth or Table", I replied ~thinking of my usual choice~ "booth", not knowing it was obviously the best choice!  We sat down in this little cove, semi-circle booth, with high backrest which gave us total privacy from the other customers.  
This was taken just before we left, hence the empty dishes on the table, but check out that booth!  It was like being in our own dining room.

All we could see was the view in front of us.  
The view from where I was sitting... In love, couldn't stop starring at it!
The table set up was so cute.  I loved their black ceramic pot, sugar dispenser and ~the best~ yin yang salt and pepper dish!  Wanted to keep that one as a souvenir! haha

This restaurant was a recommendation from Hubby's brother, so we had an idea of what to order, but every item on the menu was extremely tempting. 

Hubby picked the "roasted pork & green chili hash" with aged cheddar grits, 2 eggs sunny side up, a tortilla and salsa.  The pork was a great combination with the cheesy grits and the runny yolks.  Although I loved my breakfast, I wish I had ordered that one too! 
Next time ;)

I had the "egg white frittata" topped with smoked salmon, boursin cheese, asparagus and chervil.  A pretty healthy combination.
The boursin cheese, which is a French creamy cheese ~kind of like cream cheese whipped with herbs~ gave the light and fluffy egg whites a very smooth feeling.  The salty smoked salmon was a pleasant balance with the al-dente asparagus. 

And because we both have a sweet-tooth, we ordered "house made waffles" garnished with sliced 5-spices bananas, toasted peanuts, topped with a salted caramel sauce.  The sweetness and softness of the bananas with the crunchiness of the peanuts married marvelously with the sweet and salty caramel sauce.  These were hands down the best waffles we've ever had. 

We were full already when we started eating our dessert, but honestly, there's always room for sweets.  Especially when it's that unique and flavorful.  

Yup, we did a pretty good job! Even our waitress exclaimed how impressed and proud she was!!  

When you go out to Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ please stop by this restaurant!  I assure you, you will not regret it!! 

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