Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Home for the BBQ Necessities

Summer time of course rhymes with BBQ!  

As soon as the nice days came along, we got hooked into BBQing.  After living in a condo for four years, and not being able to BBQ, we were so excited to finally be able to grill our meats, fish, vegetables, and host parties and have fancy romantic dinners out in the back yard.  And after a very necessary deck cleaning and a front yard fixing, we were so ready to enjoy the outdoors.

We quickly gathered a few items to use to BBQ ~well that Hubby uses, since he is the pro in this domain!!~ and as for everything else, I like finding a "home" where everybody in the same family stays together! ;)

Transport BBQ tools in a basket

The Tools

We don't have many BBQ tools, but they are the essentials: 3 cooking utensils, skewers, Cedar wood planks to cook fish ~gives it a nice smokey and so yummy taste~, and a pizza grilling pan which as you can see has never been used yet... :(
I also have a vinyl tablecloth for the outside table, so I figured it belonged with the rest of the BBQ necessities.

The "Home"

As crazy as this may sound, a few years ago, my Mother-In-Law received a gift basket, and I begged her to put the long and narrow basket aside for me because I just loved it!!  But, Hubby and I were living in FL at the time, and only traveled back to NJ with a small carry-on, and I wasn't going to bring and hold the basket with me on the plane...  That's just weird...
So, when we moved back up here, I finally took ownership of the cute basket, and well... it was too perfect for this new BBQ family bonds!

Carrying BBQ tools in a basket is very handy

The handles makes it very practical to transport the basket and all of its content in an out of the house whenever we need to.

 And when it's not of use outside, I nest it in a kitchen cabinet.

This is the kind of organization that makes me all giddy!  I just love to come up with ideas that make our lives easier, don't you?!

Where do you keep your BBQ necessities? 
Anyone has some really awesome BBQing ideas? 
Leave your comments and advice right below! 

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  1. Ah! looks like one can definitely going to have feast if they follow these useful ideas.



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